Here you will find the registration form for the course, assessment tools, announcements, PowerPoint slides for the 29 sessions, mental health resources, key slides, and a printable diary card.


This is a 10 minute video introducing the simple program 

2024-25 simple course referral form. If you would like to take the course or refer someone to it, we will now be accepting registration forms and the assessment tools. Please complete them fully and legibly. We'll keep them on file and begin contacting people in June 2024. Thank you. 

Please complete the PHQ-9, GAD-7, Trauma checklist adult, and ACE questionnaires and send them to us along with your completed referral form. Instructions on how to get these to us can be found on the registration form.  Thank You.



Trauma checklist adult

Adverse childhood event questionnaire

Registration form for the 2024-25 Breakout informal graduate group (BOINGG) Monday 3:30-5:00 PM

ANNOUNCEMENTS/NOTICES - here you will find important course announcements.

We are planning to start the 2024-25 version of the Simple course on Wednesday October 2, 2024. Sessions will be on Wednesday mornings from 9 to 12 and run until June 2025. In person sessions will once again be held at the Avondale church and simultaneously zoomed.

If you would like to take part in the course please fill out the registration form, Hamilton depression, PHQ-9, Trauma checklist adult, and Adverse childhood event questionnaire. Please fill them out completely. Get these back to us by 1) regular mail: Dr. Luis Cleto 444 Douro St. suite 101, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 0E6 2) fax: 519-305-8501 3) e-mail or 4) bring the forms to directly to the office. (if the door is locked you can slip them under the door.)

If this is the first time your are doing the course we will call you sometime after mid June to schedule an information meeting. If you are repeating the course we will call you after mid July to give you more details of the course such as the zoom link.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at

Thank you. 

We are excited to be starting the 2024– 25 edition of the simple course Wednesday, October 2. Please arrive at the Avondale church or at the zoom waiting room a few minutes before 9 A.M. New participants may join the simple course until Christmas which is the absolute cut off. Because the material builds in previous sessions the later you join the more you will be missing and some concepts may be difficult for you to understand.

One of the participants shared that there is a weekly zoom guided meditation group that runs Thursdays from 8 to 9 pm. If you're interested email Janie at  

2022- 2023 updated course schedule

Mental health and social resources list

Session 1, 2023-24

Session 2, 2023-24

Session3, 2023-24

Session 4, 2023-24

Session 5, 2023-24

Session 6 2023-24

Session 7, 2023-24

Session 8, 2023-24

session 9, 2023-24

session 10, 2023-24

session 11, 2023-24

session 12 2023-24

session 13 2023-24

session 14 2023-24

session 15, 2023-24

session 16, 2023-24

session 17, 2023-24

session 18, 2023-24

Session 19, 2023-24

session 20, 2023-24

session 21, 2023-24

session 22, 2023-24

session 23. 2023-24

session 24, 2023-24

Session 25, 2023-24

session 26, 2023-24

session 27, 2023-24

session 28, 2023-24

session 29, 2023-24

Session 30, 2023-24

key slides

printable diary card

slides presenting the 6 simple tools

slides presenting the techniques and strategies

slides presenting the DBT skills

Personal religious myth